Committees of MUNOL 2023


1st Committee of the General Assembly (Disarmament and International Security

  1. Targeting nuclear disarmament of Russia and USA
  2. Ensuring peace and political stability in Tigray
  3. Calming international disputes caused by militant, religiously motivated movements

2nd Committee of the General Assembly (Economic and Financial)

  1. Dealing with the rapid inflation around the world especially in Venezuela
  2. Discussing benefits and drawbacks of the Chinese belt and road initiative
  3. Examining the impact of micro financing on LEDCs

3rd Committee of the General Assembly (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

  1. Improving the mental health state of students
  2. Dealing with the widespread famine in Ethiopia
  3. Combating the issues of the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis

4th Committee of the General Assembly (Special Political and Decolonization)

  1. The question of Fukushima and it’s safety
  2. Improving the situation the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  3. Addressing the territorial claims on the Antarctica

Environmental Commission

  1. Addressing the issue of overfishing
  2. The effects of single use products on the environment
  3. Assessing the problem of acid rain

High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

  1. Tackling the global hunger crisis in times of climate change and population growth
  2. Addressing the importance of an international health care system
  3. Providing equal opportunities through quality education

Commission on the Status of Women

  1. Protecting the rights of women in Iran
  2. Increasing the political participation of women
  3. Protecting women from the danger of female genital mutilation

Commission on Science and Technology for Development

  1. Building capacity for intellectual property framework in developing countries
  2. Strengthening the development in LEDCs through technology
  3. Promoting the use of CCTVs to tackle urban problems

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

  1. Combating the rise of internationally operating Italian organised crime group ‘Ndrangheta
  2. Examining the rise of synthetic drugs
  3. Fighting the ongoing issue of human trafficking

Human Rights Council

  1. Human rights violations in the camps China
  2. Treating and reintegrating children who were child soldiers
  3. Tackling discrimination against people based on gender identities and sexualities

Security Council

  1. Finalising terrorism in affected areas especially Yemen
  2. Addressing the situation in Nigeria
  3. Securing peace in regions affected by the so called war on terror

Crisis Committee

To be announced…




Yours sincerely,

Louise Bouwer and Nike Rahlf

Secretaries General