Committees of MUNOL 2024

General Assembly

First Committee (Disarmament and International Security)

  1. Discussing the issue of global arms trafficking
  2. Tackling the threats posed by terrorism
  3. Addressing the consequences of lethal autonomous weapons

Second Committee (Economic and Financial)

  1. Evaluating migration as a potential solution for countries dealing with labour shortage
  2. Discussing the impact of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine on global agricultural markets
  3. Examining financial compensation for the damage caused by the mining of raw materials in developing countries

Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

  1. Discussing the detainment of migrating children at country’s borders
  2. Debating the rising number of child marriages in South Asia
  3. Reinforcing empowerment of women in refugee camps

Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization)

  1. Combatting the threat of deforestation to indigenous people and their territories in South America
  2. Ensuring peace in the South China Sea region
  3. Addressing the issue of economic neocolonialism

Economic and Social Council

Environmental Commission

  1. Addressing the rapid population growth in Asia and its related environmental challenges
  2. Discussing measures for preservation and restoration of coasts
  3. Developing measures to decrease global food waste

Commission on the Status of Women

  1. Addressing gender-based violence with a special focus on femicides
  2. Establishing a framework for safe abortions
  3. Dealing with human trafficking and prostitution as cause of migration

Commission for Social Development

  1. Strengthening and developing the capacity to prevent forced migration due to natural disasters
  2. Combating social inequality with special focus on people with migration background
  3. Addressing current migration trends and their impact on families

Commission on Population and Development

  1. Increasing and exploring ways to optimise international cooperation and coordination to create effective governance frameworks for migration
  2. Discussing measures to strengthen local authorities for dealing with rapid urbanisation due to migration
  3. Dealing with weaponized migration

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

  1. Facing the issue of border control in connection to human trafficking
  2. Discussing the relation of drug trafficking and migration
  3. Rehabilitating foreign terrorist fighters in detention

Human Rights Council

  1. Protecting the rights of migrant workers, especially in response to exploitative practises
  2. Discussing the ongoing discrimination against mentally and physically disabled people
  3. Addressing global inequality of opportunity

Security Council

  1. Countering the violation of Human Rights in Libya
  2. The situation In Haiti
  3. Discussing the current Israel – Gaza crisis

Crisis Committee

To be announced…