FAQ (Registration)

I am a student from another school and would like to participate at MUNOL 2023. What are my options for participating?

You can either participate as a Delegate or as a Student Officer (Chair). Unfortunately, the deadline for the Chair application has already elapsed.
If you want to participate as a Delegate, please inform the MUN-Directors of your school since we usually do not accept individual delegates applying. If your school has not received an Invitation Letter, but would like to take part in the next conference, please let us know. For further information, please contact us.

I have heard of your conference and am thinking of participating with my school. Is there a way to get an overview of what the conference is about and how my school can participate?

We are happy that you are interested in our conference.
You can check out the following document to get an impression of next year’s conference and how to take part:
Invitation Letter 2023
If you have any questions or would like to register your delegation, please contact us.

How does the registration work?

Please check out the following document first:
Explanation of Registration 2023
Starting with the Pre-Registration, you will inform us about the number of students you would like to bring to the conference and how your delegation would like to stay (e.g. in host families or at a hostel). For this, you will receive a username and password from us. This will happen at latest with the end of the Pre-Reg-Deadline.
At the beginning of January, we will inform you about the number of students you can bring and the delegation (e.g. the country) your school will represent.
After we have collected all the data protections from you and your students as well as the pre-registration fee of 100€, we will enable you to sign the participants into our database and update their information.

Are there any important dates and deadlines?

Yes, there are.
Pre-Registration deadline: November 24th 2023
Final Registration begins: January 1st 2024
Final Registration deadline: March 1st 2024

Is there a minimun or maximum age for participants?

We advise you to mainly bring students aged 15-18, but any students who are at least 14 years old can participate.

Is there a minimun or maximum amount of students or MUN-Directors to come to the conference?

We would kindly ask you to bring at least five students if an MUN-Director will be accompanying your delegation. There is no inherit maximum amount of students your delegation can contain, but since we try to invite many different schools, we usually are not able to make big delegations of more than 15 students possible.
There is a maximum amount of two MUN-Directors per school.

When will we receive more information?

We always try to keep you updated on the conference as well as possible.
The chairs will be announced at the beginning of October and the issues on the agenda will follow at the end of October.
At the beginning of January, we will tell you the number of delegates you can bring to the conference and what delegation your school will represent.
More information will follow in the Information Booklet.

What is the Information Booklet and when will we receive it?

The Information Booklet will provide you with all necessary information for the conference, e.g. the programme of events, a roomplan, the dress code.

As of our current planning, we will probably send it to you in March.

We would like to stay at a hostel. What are our options?

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

How do we get housing?

If you wish to get housing, please let our Conference Managers during the Pre-Registration process. Our Student Supervisors will try to find host families for as many students as possible.
For more information, click here or contact our Student Supervisors.

As a school from Germany: Is it possible to get housing?

Unfortunately, our capacities for housing are limited. We will therefore only be able to offer housing to students from other countries.

Will we be getting picked up from the train station?

If you and your delegation decide to come to Lübeck by train and wish to be picked up from the train station, please let our Student Supervisors know.