TMS Application

You are a student from our school (TMS) and want to apply for a position at MUNOL 2022?

Please apply via, click submit, print out the forms and put them in the letterbox in front of the MUNOL room at our school (021).

All important information can be found here: Präsentation Infoveranstaltung 2022 (It’s in German). You can find some information from the presentation below in English.

You can apply for the following positions until December 10th:

  • Delegate
  • Administrative Staff
  • Press Member
  • Photo Staff
  • Allrounder
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Kiosk Staff
  • IT Staff
  • Film Staff

If you decide to become a host, you have better chances of being accepted for all positions. You can still be a host and not apply for any other position. In that case, you can still participate in exclusive MUNOL-events and evening activities.

If you apply as delegate, you can choose from these committees concerning your preferences. Please note that these are only preferences and not promises. The issues on the Agenda will be published at a later date (around December 1st)

  • 1st  Committee of the General Assembly (GA) (Disarmament and International Security = DISEC)

  • 2nd Committee of the GA (Economic and Financial = ECOFIN)

  • 3rd Committee of the GA (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural = SOCHUM)

  • 4th Committee of the GA (Decolonization and Special Politics = SPECPOL)

  • Commission on Population and Development (CPD)
  • Environment Commission (EC)
  • Special Conference on Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD)
  • Historical Security Council (HSC)
  • Human Rights Council (HRC)
  • Security Council (SC)