Student Officer Application

Are you interested in becoming a Chair or the Content Officer at MUNOL 2020?
You now have the Chance to apply for this Position, all information you will need can be found below.

When you have some MUN-Experience already, you are interested in politics and the UN and you bring some general knowledge and abilities, you are the one we search as a Chair or the Content Officer in MUNOL 2020. If you are not from Lübeck, you can still apply! The deadline for those students from Lübeck has already expired. Please find all information required below.

You are interested in a position in the Executive Team and live in Lübeck? Apply here!
Applying as both a Student Officer and an Executive Team Member is possible.

Available Positions

I.   Chair/President

The task of the Chair or president will be to guide the Forum and lead the debates together with the second Chair. You will help your Delegates in both content and general matters.
Before the conference starts you will write one or two research reports, which inform the delegates about the issues of your committee.

For being a Chair we would like you having participated in an MUN at once as a Delegate, and once in a MUNOL conference, however not necessarily as a delegate. You should bring general knowledge about politics and the UN and full knowledge about the rules of procedure at MUNOL. You should be open to meet new people and able to use basic computer features (MS Office, Email).

II.   President of the General Assembly (PGA)

The President of the General Assembly, usually called PGA, is the Chair of the General Assembly (GA). This is a Plenary of several Committees and therefore a lot of delegates. The PGA should be experienced in chairing, since leading a Plenary is not an easy task. In the beginning of the week, the PGA will be the Chair of one of the GA Committees.

If you plan to apply as the PGA you should be well aware, that this task requires lots of experience and means a lot of work. You should have been a chair at MUNOL at least once, very good general political knowledge is needed and you should not have problems with speaking in front of many people. A full knowledge about the rules of procedure at MUNOL is essential for this position. Social skills and basic computer features (MS Office, Email) are required.

III.   Content Officer

The Content Officer has many different tasks before and during the MUNOL conference. The most important one of these is preparing the crisis in the Security Council (SC). In the case a chair is not available, the Content Officer will substitute this chair. The Content Officer will be involved into the first-timer meeting as well.

In general, the Content Officer needs the same qualifications as a Chair to possibly substitute a Chair. This includes having participated in at least one conference as a Delegate and at least one MUNOL conference. Basic computer (MS Office, Email) and social skills are required.

MUN Preparation Weekend

Just as the last years, there will be a MUNPW. This will take place from 8th to 10th November 2019, we would recommend you to participate if you have the possibility. Hosting for applicants not from Lübeck is available, however we cannot guarantee you. Hosting another Chair/CO applicant may improve your chance to get chosen as a Chair/CO.

If you cannot attend the MUNPW you will be asked to write a research report, so that we can evaluate your skills.

All applicants, who did not chair at the debating club at least once will get the chance to chair a practice debate, however this debate will not be as long as one at the debating club due to time reasons. If you want to get the chance to chair a debate at the debating club, just send your request to as soon as possible, you do not have to have your MUNOL application ready for this, but we have limited chair slots at the debating club and will give these to the chairs asking for it first.

Your Application

Since this year, you can apply for a Student Officer position by answering an online Form. Please calculate some time for your application, you cannot save it in between.

Please make sure that you can attend the MUNOL conference from 25th to 30th of May 2020 before you send your application!

Furthermore we would recommend you to check your answers properly, before you send them in. We will confirm your application and give you further instructions a few minutes after your application, so please check your emails.

Students who are not from Lübeck can still apply!

The deadline for students from Thomas-Mann-School Lübeck has already expired.

Apply Now!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in time. We are always available at and we will try to answer all questions you have as good as we can.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!


Robin Schaub
Secretary General
Carlo Martin
Deputy Secretary General