Executive Team Application

Are you interested in becoming part of the Executive Team at MUNOL 2020?
You now have the chance to apply for the Executive Team, all information you will need can be found below.

There are various positions in the Executive Team which are all related to any special and unique part in the organization of the conference. If you already participated at MUNOL and live in Lübeck or its near surrounding, you are the perfect candidate for serving MUNOL as Executive Team member. You can apply until the 13th of September.

You can find more find more detailed information about each position and the requirements below.

You are interested in a position as Student Officer? Apply here!
Applying as both a Student Officer and an Executive Team Member is possible.

The Positions

Head of School Management

Being the Head of School Management, you will have two main tasks. On the one hand you are going to coordinate and guide the Administrative Staff, on the other it is your task to take care of the equipment of the committees. All in all you have to do everything to keep the conference running smooth.

Student Supervisor

As the Student Supervisor it will be your task to arrange the accommodation of all MUNOL participants and if any questions appear concerning the hosting you are responsible. You have to look for host families, which are the favoured option of accommodation for the MUNOL participants. Additionally, you have to be available all the time, not only during MUNOL, but also the time before.

Head of Secretariat

The Secretariat is the first position delegates will go to for help whenever they have any question concerning MUNOL. Printing placards, copying papers and laminating copies will be your main task. Don’t underestimate this job, since you are the first to come and the last to leave.

Head of Information Technology

The main task is to set up the WiFi-network in school and whenever there are any problems, your job is to fix it. Furthermore, you will look after the data projectors, broadcasts the session of the General Assembly and take care of the sound system of the General Assembly.

Head of Kitchen

As the Head of Kitchen one of your tasks will be to choose the daily menu which will be offered during the MUNOL week. You will need to advise and coordinate the work of the kitchen-staff. This job also includes cleaning and taking care of the lunchroom.

Head of Kiosk

As you all know, MUNOL has its own Kiosk. As the Head of Kiosk, it will be your job to buy snacks, drinks, food etc. and to sell them during the week to the delegates together with the kiosk-staff.

Public Information Officer

Being the Public Information Officer of MUNOL 2020 means that you should stay in close contact with the press and to represent our conference within our school, too. Your task is it to send press releases to local reporters of RSH, LN and HL Live. Furthermore, this person will be in direct contact with the Conference Management and with the Secretaries-General of MUNOL. Important news will be immediately reported to the webmaster of the MUNOL homepage and our social media pages, to keep them up to date.

Head of Press

MUNOL has its own magazine, the MUNOL Magazine. As the Head of Press, you have to think about a layout and write articles and stories. Furthermore, it will be your task to manage and assemble your own press-team and maybe even to create a new magazine concept for MUNOL 2020.

When applying as the Head of Press, please attach a self-written informative article about MUNOL to your application in order to show us your skills.

Head of Photo

As the Head of Photo it will be your task to take photos during the whole conference, which means that you also have to take photos during the evening events. At MUNOL 2020 we would like to establish a photo point where every MUNOL participant can get photos of themselves, what you will have to organize.

During MUNOL you will work close together with the Press Team. Furthermore you will coordinate your photo staff.

If you plan to apply as the Head of Photo, please attach some self-taken photos, so we see your abilities.

Head of Film

Each year MUNOL produces many different trailers and movies. Your task will be to film and create all MUNOL trailers and you will also work on the MUNOL-After-Movie. Also, you are going to organize this year’s MUNOL podcast with your wonderful Podcast-Team.

If you have former video projects you have worked on, attach these to your application.

Head of Design

As the Head of Design your job starts already before the conference. You will have to design this year’s MUNOL Merchandise and will have the possibility to create new things, like a MUNOL snapchat sticker for example. During the MUNOL week your task will be to design the MUNOL Magazine.

Please design a DIN-A4 poster which explains MUNOL.

Your Application

If you are interested in filling one of these positions please send us an application including a short presentation of yourself (name, age, hobbies and interests etc.), your MUNOL/MUN experience, your abilities and why you are interested in this specific position. Furthermore, please let us know on which day you can attend your interview.

Please make sure you have read all information on this page carefully. Please make sure that you are in Lübeck for the last two weeks before the conference and that you can attend the conference itself from 25th to 30th of May 2020.

Please be ready to attend our interviews on 21st and 22nd of September!

If you have any questions about the application, do not hesitate to contact us.

The deadline is Friday, the 13th of September!

Please send your application to conferencemanager@munol.org, we are looking forward to receiving your application!


The Conference Management,

Lene Rothe
Siemen Aulich