Conference Theme

„Climate Change – Threat and Opportunity“

Climate change – Your first spontaneous association with the term “climate change” might be global warming and melting pole caps and glaciers. However climate change causes many more serious threats to our planet than that. Natural disasters such as droughts and floods are other serious ways the climate is affected by the anthropological, the manmade, climate change. Because of the strong connection between reason and result of climate change, almost every human and animal is affected by it. Consequently we as a global community share a common responsibility to protect our planet. But due to the lack of recognition and the willingness to compromise the final universal solution has unfortunately not been achieved yet. In the past years climate has experienced an increasingly rapid change! Therefore the international community decided to take action. In the fight against climate change the Kyoto Protocol, which was established in 2005 constitutes an important milestone. Although it showed first signs of success, the state community decided that more steps needed to be taken against climate change. The UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in the year 2009 realized further environmental goals, but yet again, it was not as efficient as planned. Then finally, in 2015, the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP 21) created measures to be taken against climate change in a way which the international community acknowledged and welcomed. The COP 21 decided, that all emissions are to be eliminated completely until 2060. In order to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement, the states decided to support Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs) in taking national measures against climate change by providing them with 100 billion Dollars a year (from 2020). Many Non-Governmental-Organizations (NGOs), for example, Greenpeace and the ICCP, welcomed the steps taken by the COP 21.

As much as climate change stands for threats and the need to tackle these, it also stands for a chance to create a new start: towards a healthy, safe and clean planet. Many opportunities coming along with climate change are not seen, due to the fact that threats are affecting us in a more visible way. But you, as the delegates of MUNOL, can make people aware not only of the threats of climate change but especially of the economic and social opportunities arising from the fight against it. One example therefore would be for example international emission trade and thereby support and economic benefits for LEDCs. Both sides have to be considered and discussed about.

Consequently our motto for MUNOL 2017 is: “Let’s fight the climate change in any possible way, let’s recognize and seize all relating opportunities and let’s help all countries to realize the dream of a world without emissions!”
Sincerely, the Secretaries-General of MUNOL 2017